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Celeste Notley-Smith - Director/Teacher

Bach. Ed (Sec) / Bach. Arts (Theatre) / Cert IV Music Theatre

Celeste is an accomplished artist who regularly performs around Sydney as a singer, actor, voice-over artist and children's performer. She has been teaching singing, acting, and musical theatre for over 15 years. Celeste is also an experienced high school teacher.

Celeste has extensive training in theatre, musical theatre, voice and singing, with qualifications in Music Theatre, Theatre, and Secondary Education, as well as an 8th Grade Cert in Music Theatre Singing.

Most recently, Celeste developed and performed in the production 'I Won't Tell (If You Don't) in Sydney Fringe, with a tour lined up in 2024. In 2024, Celeste will be voicing the role of Gusto for Wonderchums, as well as conituing to voice her most famous character Tari in the SMG4 web series. Her other voice credits include voicing Tari in the three season internationally acclaimed web series, 'Meta Runner', as well as commercial radio, animations, and games. Her musical theatre credits include the debut seasons of Australian musicals, 'The Things I Could Never Tell Steven' and 'Noli Me Tangere' where she also recorded the original cast albums, Lessie in the YellowKat Children's Show where she also co-wrote and performed the children's musical 'Hatsical', lead vocalist on the award nominated children's album 'Walla Walla Bing', featured opera singer in 'The Carnival-A Circus Opera', and drama director for the 'Woman of the World Pageant 2016'. 

Celeste's has two great loves: her family (including her adorable twin 5 year olds), and Stage and Song Studios. Her passion for education, providing a safe space for students to develop and grow, inclusion and support for all, music and theatre, are driving forces in the success of SASS. Whilst she aims to give her the best music education, she also aims to help develop her students' confidence and self-belief.

Andrew Schwimmer - Singing Teacher

Bach. Mus

Andrew comes to Stage and Song Studios all the way from the USA, where he

worked as a performer in various dinner theatres, theme parks, and large-scale productions nationally. He has traveled, taught, and performed in 7 different countries on big stages and intimate spaces across the globe from 2014 to 2020 with an LA-based group called The Young Americans. He regularly returns to the US to perform in their Christmas Spectacular.


He has now moved to Australia to start a life with his beloved fiance' Hannah, and their dog George, and is thrilled to be teaching with Stage and Song Studios. You can see Andrew performing regularly as a vocalist around Sydney, and has recently starred in the production 'I Won't Tell (If You Don't)' in Sydney Fringe alongside Celeste.

Andrew specialises in Pop and Musical Theatre styles of singing and performance. His love and passion for music are infectious, and this helps him inspire his students to enjoy learning music whether it be for their development as a performer or just for fun.

Andrew Headshot.png

Jye Bryant - Accompanist / Workshop Assistant

Mast. Teaching (Sec) / Bach. Mus

Jye Bryant is a Sydney-based, Australian Musical Theatre Composer, Lyricist, Producer and Author with a passion for Theatre, Education and Social Justice. His works are performed regularly on cabaret circuits all over the world, where he has gained popularity as the composer of choice for many high profile international artists and theatre companies.


Jye’s most well-known musical, The Things I Could Never Tell Steven, has had 10 international seasons including the National Theatre of Parramatta (2020), Pride Arts Chicago (2021) and Belfast’s Outside The Lines Theatre Company (2019). Some of his other work includes: Mother May's (2023), Captain Moonlite (2020), Sempre Libera (2019 & 2020) The Oldest Profession (2016), The Velveteen Rabbit (2013), In Bed With Jye (& Friends) (2012), Rainbow Tears (2007), Aladdin Goes To Africa (2007), Peter Pan (2006), Cinderella Meets Her Prince (2005), Sleeping Beautifully (2004) and many more.

For Stage & Song Studios, Jye has accompanied many of our productions including 'Beautiful City', 'Under the Lights', 'Curtain Call', 'Broadway, Here I Come', and 'Cheltenham Sings Broadway'. In 2021, Jye ran a workshop with our students on Lyric Writing for Musical Theatre, with a view to run more workshops in the future.

Daniel Placido - Administration Assistant / Technical operator

Mast. Arts Management / Bach .Arts (Media & Cultural Studies)

Daniel is the Executive Officer at Sydney Youth Orchestra, helping to manage the organisation as they support young people pursuing their musical talents. He is passionate about music education for young people and brings this to Stage & Song Studios. Daniel is also a performer in his own right, having starred in a number of community productions as well as appearing in the debut production of Australian musical 'Noli Me Tangere' as Tiago, where he also appeared on the original cast album. Daniel is a trained opera singer, as well as a guitarist and pianist and regularly sings at weddings, charity events and community events. Most recently, Daniel performed alongside Celeste and Andrew in their Fringe production 'I Won't Tell (If You Don't)



For Stage & Song Studios, Daniel assists behind the scenes with administration and creative development. He has also been directing and operating the lights and sound for the SASS productions since 2015. Occasionally, Celeste can even coax him up on stage to accompany students on the guitar.

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