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Jerome V-G.


Celeste is an incredible teacher and one of the first people to really get me into musical theatre. I owe her a lot including developing my skills, building my confidence and making lifelong friends. I also had singing lessons with Celeste where I developed my vocal skills drastically in just a few lessons allowing me to project, hold extended notes and belt out some big sounds. If you're considering working with her, stop considering and go for it, you won't regret a second.

Natalie B.


I joined musical theatre with Celeste when I was in year 8, fresh from a musical where I would hardly sing even in a group! Not only did I create memories that will last forever, but I developed my confidence as an actor and a singer. I was lucky enough to have voice tutorials with Celeste which very much improved my voice and taught me how to project and sing notes that I thought I could not. Celeste’s showcases were amazing experiences, and her professionalism and her teaching enabled this. Celeste was always a mentor and provided great insight into the world of musical theatre. Her teaching was fun, effective and will never be forgotten!

Luke G.


Celeste is a wonderful mix of warmth and professionalism. Her tailored teaching style means that you really get to shine, while still really pushing and challenging you to the best you can be. Working with Celeste was so much fun, and I also learnt so much and developed so much as a performer.

Sharon S.


Thank you for all the enthusiasm and genuine support you have given Rhian over the years. I am quite sure her confidence and self esteem have been hugely boosted by all the performing arts she has done with you since she started in Year 7. It was particularly important for her in her first year at high school as she made friends with a wide range of ages and I saw how well the older ones welcomed her into the group and  encouraged her. Without musical theatre with you life at high school for Rhian would have been dull indeed!

Callum F.


Because of Celeste’s hard work and dedication, I discovered a passion for acting. She took the time to get to know each of her students which meant I develop my acting skills far beyond what I had imagined, resulting in an interest to pursue Acting as a career possibility. I went on to complete my Diploma in Theatre Performance and I believe that Celeste’s influence helped me achieve this.

Marcus C.


Celeste is a fantastic teacher who really helps anyone bring out their inner potential! She is very friendly and fun to learn from and has a gift and passion for musical theatre!

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